Starting from zero is heart, as a apart of life struggle yes it was for anyone, even we knew they said “you dont need start from very beginning”. It is fine if someone have prepare everything better, or they are ready if this is a part of life decision, but for the other it wasn’t.

Mostly they are confuse, or even do it irrasional for they own life when they have a lot of family members, specially he or she have a dependents, and most of the member depend on her/him. Supporting is solution among others to resolve this family financial proposition, because starting from beginning need a huge energy. As an developing country, we don’t have a good social collateral to support family live along this period, that’s we need to keep in mind we need our own social collateral not depending on the goverment.

This blog post write accidently, as an heating up for myself to write again. Finally need a support.

Losing All Post

Bermula dari kelalaian, saya kehilangan semua posting di blog ini.

Peringatan memang datang, tapi keterbatasan infrastruktur menjadikan saya terlambat, resiko datang dan memang harus dihadapi, saya memulainya dari awal lagi.